Any One Still Out There?

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Wow it has been almost 2 years since I last posted here on this blog. A lot has changed with my direction in Internet Marketing since then. For one I stopped focusing on EPN and decided to use my programming skills to create tools for Internet Marketers. Turns out there is a very good market for such tools over on the Warrior Forum. I have a blog that talks more about my IM tools here,

I also have take somewhat of a passion to video marketing. I have started a blog on that recently also here, That blog is dedicated on helping people learn how to make money on YouTube.

So then the other day I thought about this blog and decided that I might want to start updating it as well. I think I want to do something a little different with it this time around though. Here is what I had in mind.

1. Use my eBay transaction download text file reader that I have a feeling has been long forgotten about, but to my surprise tonight when I tried it still works, to discover what products people are buying through my links.

2. Then create posts here about some of those items for 2 purposes. Purpose 1 is to share new niche ideas with my readers and purpose 2 is to try and get some search engine rankings on those keywords and use EPN links to send traffic back to eBay for more sales.

3. I would also then provide monthly income updates again on a regular basis.

So I am going for a a more laid back site where we just talk about some products that people are buying and I share my income reports with you all as well. Let's give it a try and see what happens.

Worst case scenario... no one reads this and I get no SEO traffic to my EPN Links.

A little better scenario.... no one reads this and I GET SEO traffic to my EPN links.

Best case scenario... I get readers and I get SEO traffic to my EPN links.

I have a few tricks up my sleeves where I plan to use Social Networking and the new Google authorship to help build backlinks and some authority to this site.

Wish me luck!



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2 comments on “Any One Still Out There?

    • Hey Mike! I checked in on your thinbay site several times and you never did anything with it. I knew you had big plans for it way back when. I am excited to see you have a site up now. I am headed over now to see what you have posted. If you are on Skype add me to your contacts. My skype name is wsotoolz. Look forward to chatting with you again!

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