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  1. Hello !

    Got some US EPN accounts to sell. They’ve been registered with US information on US IP adresses, they’re open US/UK/CAN programs. 80$/each !

    Contact me :

  2. I would use extreme caution if taking this road. I read somewhere that eBay realizes that there is some what of a black market for EPN accounts. I would hate to see someone purchase one and then have it taken away by eBay. I would try and make one really nice site that is full of content and use that to get approved through EPN. You can also do EPN through Pepperjam.com. So that is another option as well.

  3. I have Canadian EPN accounts for sale – $100.

    It’s easier to setup a Canadian account if you’re from the U.S. Since they don’t require SSN/Tax information.

    I can explain how to withdraw funds from EPN as well, it’s really simple. I can also explain how to manage multiple EPN accounts without linking to them to avoid getting banned.

    Contact me at: jonathancollins1248@gmail.com

    U.S. accounts for sale – $80 each

  4. Hello!

    To those who have already messaged me, I apologize for not getting back to you right away. I already send you my response, please check your mails.

    To those who are insterested, I still have 100+ of fresh EPNs here. BUT I have to make an increase with the price.. As it’s gettting much complicated in creating accounts as days goes by. The next EPNs I’m selling will be for $50. Still way cheaper than others.

    Price negotiable for bulk orders.




  5. Hi guys I am also looking to purchase a UK EPN account.

    Does any one have any to sell which is clean and unused? I have found site that will do it but I think their charges are high although their success rate is high.

  6. i ve got epn accounts all countries available
    for sale
    based on UK, but can do US also if required
    also i do joint venture for %

    for more details ask forexseller777 —>>>gmail.com

  7. Email forexseller777(at)Gmail(dot)com Ebay EPN Partner Network Accounts for sale.
    Can’t get accepted into EBay EPN Partner Network Affiliate Programme?
    Need Ebay EPN account? Keep Getting declined all the time?
    I can help you with Ebay EPN Account!
    I sell UK based Ebay epn partnet network accounts, all programmes, no IRS, no TAX, no SSN required,

  8. I am form india i need fress us, uk approved account, My previous 3 year old account got terminated. recession for termination was low quality traffic and EPC was above 0.30$

    Please mail me at akashmittals AT yahoo DOT com.

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