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I am not really seeing any benefits from doing daily posts so I think I will be going back to just updating this site every few days. I feel I can use my time better elsewhere.  I thought maybe by doing the daily posts I could increase readership and get more people to participate in commenting. It didn't really work out and I guess I wasn't really trying to bring in new people.  This site really does not make me any money. No one clicks on adsense except once in a blue moon. I rarely get any affiliate sales from the products that I recommend. I just think it is a tough crowd to crack and it was never my goal to begin with. I just wanted to share my experiences, successes and failures with everyone and have a central place for me to gather my thoughts on what I am doing.

This year has been a roller coaster ride for me... taking me to my highest earning months and back down to some of my lowest where I am at now. It was like I finally got it and that is when Google decided to pull the rug out from under those people.  So now I am trying to learn what I need to change and what needs to be done to get back to where I was.

I am really just rambling on here as this was not thought out before hand at all.

Tonight I am going back to the basics and focusing on what I know. I took my one site that I have that is ranking #1 in google and I dissected it. It is a very small niche where I sell a physical product. Here is a little info on it that I think is important to know:

allintitle:keyword - no quotes - 515 results
google results  on broad keyword search - 10,600 results
Adwords Keyword Tool  - Exact - Global/Local - 720/590
Backlinks showing to site in YSE  - 40

So as you can see it really was not hard to crack this one.  I get around 30 visitors per day and that generally provides me with around 5 sales per day. This is a pretty targeted keyword with high demand and low supply of products.

Now after looking over this I decided that I could take the same approach but instead of a physical product I can do my EPN/adsense thing. I am going to search for keywords that have similar results as above. If I do this I see no reason why I should not be able to rank #1 again. I will check page 1 results before making that decision though. As I have learned that you should thoroughly look at the top 10 as those sites are your main competitors.

My plan is to start fresh and start small. After a few smaller victories I might try and scale things up a bit with a slightly more difficult keyword. But for now I need to take a step back and set some smaller goals. I have not had much success lately and feel that this is what I need to do at the moment.

I feel that I have all the bits and pieces of success in front of me but I just can't manage to put the pieces together. I have a great arsenal of tools but I find myself not having the time to use them enough. I have a million ideas floating around in my head but I often times start them and then move on to the next thing leaving many unfinished things on the table. I think what it might come down to is that I have to pick one thing to focus on and just drive that until it is either successful or I am 100% sure it is a dud and I need to throw it out. I am probably moving on to new stuff to quickly at the moment and not giving a lot of stuff a fair shake.

So maybe what I have just inadvertently done here is wrote out a rough draft of what my New Years resolution should be when it comes to my affiliate marketing efforts.

Well that is enough rambling I need to go on over to the warriors forum and see if I can find a good WSO to retire on ;)

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  1. I’ve been following your site and I’m sure you have a lot of silent but interested readers.

    I know it’s upsetting to see your income dwindle to almost nothing. Decide if you want to make pretty sites or if you want to make real money. Nothing is long-term and mini-sites are not stable passive income. New domains are an $8 commodity. Figure that everything you build will get banned within 90 days or sooner. As long as you make a decent ROI, the domain has served its purpose. Treat your logfiles as gold. Always reinvest in more domains, hosting and custom software to build sites and links. Buy aged domains and add subdomains on them. If a fresh domain makes it past 90 days without banning, start adding subdomains. Don’t be afraid of cloaking, aggressive linking, redirecting, dupe content and junk content. Build systems and do as little work by hand as possible. If a site doesn’t start generating traffic within a few weeks, add more links. Think long tail. Think junk content. Think automated links.

    The engines are not your friend. Don’t do what they say, do what works. Keep things organized and mix things up. Use multiple accounts. You WILL get wiped out multiple times, both from the engines and from the networks so plan for it. Always be pushing out new sites, linking and trying new things. Would you spend $500 a day in domain and hosting costs if you were grossing $1500+ per day from it? Once you can float the typical net 30 payment terms and can afford to lose it in case you get banned, the sky’s the limit. Not long term you say? I agree. Instead of slaving away building quality sites, take your earnings and buy existing, established sites that aren’t fully dependent on the engines. This business is not for everyone but there is still serious money to be made. Oh, and soon you will far, far surpass your $5000 monthly goal and won’t need any WSOs! Hopefully this gives you something to think about.

  2. Hey Joey thanks for that food for thought!

    I am curious as to why you were following my blog when it seems you have most of the answers.

    Are you doing what you are talking about in this comment? If so do you mind me asking what type of income/profit you are pulling monthly?

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I think I found your blog last year via a comment on another EPN blog. It was nice to find someone actively blogging about my favorite business model: building and monetizing what I call junk sites.

    Yes I have been following this plan for years. Back then every $1000 spent would return about $20k (2000% ROI). The ROI has dropped each year, but I have become more aggressive and learned the art of scaling. This year the average return is $4-5k for every $1000 spent (400% ROI).

    In the old days you could have a fast server and a single account per network. Nowadays there is more overhead and multiple accounts per network required. It feels wasteful at times. The dozens of DBAs, the hosting, the burning of thousands of domains, the linking. But it’s still fun and largely automated.

    I wish there were more blogs by people who treat this strictly as a business of generating, monetizing and scaling organic traffic. It would lead to some interesting discussions I’m sure. People get so close only to give up because they don’t see the big picture, or they fail to treat it as a business.

  4. Quoting “People get so close only to give up because they don’t see the big picture, or they fail to treat it as a business.”

    I think that’s people’s biggest problem. People think it’s overnight success rather than try and error. This blog has proven that techniques can get you a great ROI but also on the other hand, that you have to constantly adapt.

  5. Joey – Why don’t you start up a blog about what you are doing? I am not abandoning this blog or anything but rather just trying to streamline a few things to better spend my time. Maybe that is why you don’t blog as it would take time from earning the money. Although id done properly blogging about this could earn you money as well.

    Eric – You are exactly right. I am not giving up though and I am in the process of adapting but I have just not been able to get back to the level I was.

    Thanks for following!

  6. Hey, just don`t give up with the daily stuff! There must be some readers on here, silent readers like myself! It`s cristmas time, and I feel i have to to give some motivation back… :)

    I also struggled with niche sites for a 1 year.
    I mainly build some Amazon affiliate sites, with little spinned Original A.-content, new article headline and cleaner tags, and new Url structure.

    I build only 5 sites first, but tried to work hard to put some content on it every day… sometimes it`s just copy and paste stuff, like in the link to my site…(witch is not an amazon aff.-site…)

    I tested some niches with more than 100.000 searches a month… don`t care about others ranking for my keywords! Had little traffic for 6 months and little commissions… and was pleased with 5 euros income a day.
    Last month I found out some easy words to make people buy – plus i now take some bestsellers I tried to push with do Follow Bookmark links (deeplinks) only. No high tech tricks, just simple bloody shitty annoying Backlinks, … sometimes lot`s of them. It pays!

    Last month my earning raised from an average of 5 to 50 Euro a day- from one day to another. Shock!
    (so that`s something like 1800 Dollar a month, if i can hold that kind of level, wich is a no brainer `cause site rather grow instead of shrinking if you just stick on them with your usual daily plan) and I will add a lot more new sites next year.

    Plus i know what to scale up to make 2 or 3 times that much money a day!
    I imediately tried to scale things up, learned what did the trick- and it simly works.
    Going from 50 a day to 100 (that`s EUROS! I`m german) should be stupid easy. My time should allow to even make 200 a day very easy, and i will! You will do that money too, if you stick to it. Patience! Go easy with a good daily plan and just stick to it.

    I also track exactly what i do, now. And I am working a little more on automation, `cause I am able to outsource nearly 80% of what I am doing now. Please also recognise that I don`t work less when money comes in, bigger plans needs to be set up immediately, period. and good plans needs to be in place, so always think about the next step before you reach the next breakthrough… even if you go from 1 dollar a day to 3 dolla – what made the change???
    All that wasn`t the case 1 month ago for me, now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel- that`s the place where income can be steady and work gets less.
    I never really risked my sites to get banned. I never did good backlink work, but if i have to do that, I do it with success.
    Also I am from Germany, people here say it`s impossible to make money with only a few german german readers on the planet. The opposite is the case.
    As always, don`t trust WSO`s , try what you think will work. In many cases i recognised the WSO`s all of them!) still don`t tell you their secrets…)
    Just build as many sites as you can, and stick to it for as long as you can.
    (after 6 months, some sites got more than 1000 daily visitors in my case!)
    My worst site with nearly no work i put into it, generated the most part of my income with only 150 daily visits. Eye opener somehow…

    A also have a site for summer season only, which has the potential of 50 Euros a day! That was my first site I build. I was wondering a lot and got kind of exited AND LAZY seeing the money come in…

    Don`t think it was easy, it wasn`t.
    It was a long learning process. Hard work. But at the end it will pay!
    Try to get some friends doing online stuff as well, it`s good to learn from each other!
    If you teach some friends it createst a nice layer of fun and a nice learning curve, too.

    If you work on the same niches with 3 or 5 firends, do you think you will not do any money?

    Don`t belive what people tell you, get some high priced items with lots of potential customers, instead.(let others work on the smaller niches… seriously!)
    go for the big niches, and “find” the hidden longtail in the niche. go for it, rinse and repeat.
    A Site is making money? Good, can`t you just copy and paste the site, set up a new Domain, titles, tags, urls,… Rinse and repeat. Your income will double now.
    You should find the things that work. Concentrate on that. Only on that!
    I tell you… it IS EASY! Possibilities in the US are even better, believe me!
    Wow, long comment. Have a nice Christmas time and a successful new year. When you are down, you will be back on your knees soon, better times will come!

    The way I do it, is the other way round of what people always suggest as you may have noticed…

    Also try out the suggestions in the first comment, cause this works pretty good also, and this will be my second income stream for next year. Hell, next year I will make a lot of money, for sure… I even give up a good earning online shop for that plan, cause affiliate stuff is so easy without cutomers support etc…

  7. Thanks for that great comment Andre!

    You make some great points. I have decided that I am going to set myself a very aggressive goal for the first 6 months of the new year.

    I am working hard on a new software tool release that I am hoping will bring in a good amount of profits for me.

    I am also going to redesign this blog to make it a little more focused on my goals. I am going to start an email subscriber list and the first 6 months next year this blog will be focusing on my goal for the first 6 months of the new year.

    I have also decided that I am going to leverage the warrior forum to grow this blog and my goal/challenge for the new year. I plan in Jan to release my new software program as a WSO on pre-release. Then maybe late Jan or early Feb I will make the public release maybe on clickbank and try to leverage the power of affiliates.

    While I am working on all this I am also going to try and put out a few sites. I am excited about my new allinscraper tool as it is really shaping up and will help me in identifying easy to rank first page keywords.

    Tanks again for the great comment!

  8. Joe,

    Don’t give up. I like to read your blog and learned a lot from it.

    I have five thin sites are now performing. One of them got 200% ROI for me in December. As Joey said, do what works and don’t listen to what they want you to know. I am just too busy to build lots of links. I just keep on building thin sites and let the domain get returns for its cost and my time and move on. If Google still loves it after one or two months, keep it. Otherwise, build another one on the same niche since you know it works.

    If you still have interest in thin site building, you can send me an email and I got a fantastic course for you.

  9. Thanks Rich! Maybe when I am done with my software roll out I will follow up with you and see what you have. I definitely plan on continuing some thin sites as this new software tool is going to really help me locate easy to rank for keywords.

  10. Joe,

    Thin site building is not the same as authority site. I think you are now more focusing on authority site building (original content, SEO, backlinks, etc.) Thin site does not need lots of keyword research since they use long tail traffics. You only need to know if the niche has enough listings and sell through rates. Monthly traffic numbers from Google is only useful to authority site. When you get the thin site building course I mentioned you will know what I mean. I guarantee it will be the best $20 you invest in your whole life (of course you need some additional tools but not many).

  11. Thanks Hamham… I have been in contact with that site owner on and off. I actually believe he may have started that after visiting my site. Don’t quote me on that though.

    Interesting thing about it is that when I was crushing it and making thousands he was not and now when I am not he is. So maybe what I was doing worked previously around the Mayday update our success flipped. Hew started making a killing and I stopped. so I should probably contact him again and see if he will share with me what we are doing differently.

    Thanks again!

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