Day 348 Year 2010

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I have not been doing much of anything the last few nights due to being sick. I want to finish up this All In Scraper program that I started so that I can get back to my Bitten Clothing site and Nursing Shoes site. Both of those sites have made advancements in the SERPS even though I have not been working on them. All my pages on the nursing shoes site are now indexed and ranking for my keywords. Mostly all 90+ though. So hopefully I can get to finishing up this program and get back to work. I am really disappointed with all my current sites and earnings. To the point that I am not even renewing most of them over the last 2 months. I really need to regroup my thoughts and get focused on getting traffic to my sites.

Day 348 Year 2010 Stats
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

EPN $0.94
Adsense $7.88
Total $8.82

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