Day 350 Year 2010

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I just can't get myself motivated to put the finishing touches on my software program. Plus I am not getting as much talk over it on the warrior forum as I had hoped for. I plan on finishing it but I might wait until after the holidays. I posted an update with on the thread with a new screen shot and lots of detailed info and I got no responses. So it is on hold.

I did it again! What you ask... I bought yet another WSO on the warrior forum.  LOL... It is like I can't resist them. They are so tempting with their lure of overnight riches. Well to be honest I am really glad I got this one. I am in the process of implementing it now and will share more details on it soon once I get some results back. I will tell you that it is probably the best WSO I have gotten yet and I really think it does have the potential to bring in good money everyday with minimal amounts of work. I know that is what they all say... but I can actually see how this one could work and it has lots of room to put your own spin on it.  So it will either work and I will fill you in with the WSO url or it will fail and I will be starting a new site called WSO Anonymous where I will be the founding member... LOL...

Day 350 Year 2010 Stats
Thursday, December 16, 2010

EPN $1.08
Adsense $1.49
CPAlead $0.23
Total $2.80

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