Easy EMD WSO Launched Today

Posted by admin

Today I launched another WSO called Easy EMD. This is a very simplistic software program that very quickly will turn your list of keywords into a list of available EMD's (Exact Match Domains). EMD's are in demand because they are given an extra boost in search engines when it comes to ranking for those EMD keywords.

Take a peak at the demo video:

If you want to take a peak at the WSO, which I am starting off at $7 by the way, you can do so here:


I really enjoy putting together these little programs that help fellow marketers. So much so that it is taking up much of my time and I have been once again neglecting my niche sites. I got a few more ideas up my sleeve for some WSOs and maybe after I get a few more of these out of my system I will come back and spend some time on building some new niche sites.

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