Follow Along With My EPN Thread At The Warrior Forum

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I have started a thread over at the Warrior Forum to document my EPN comeback.  If you want to follow along here is the thread. I am sharing just one of my new sites with them and the remaining ones I will be keeping private. I am using the Warrior forum as a motivational tool to keep me moving in the right direction as well as to help others and hopefully get some good discussions going.

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10 comments on “Follow Along With My EPN Thread At The Warrior Forum

  1. Thanks Tony! I am using it to motivate me as well as share some info and if it gets me a little extra traffic to this blog in the process that would be a bonus ;)

  2. Mike – I am anxious to find out more about thinbay. I think I have really setup and optimized this test site on this warrior forum thread pretty well. I just don’t know how I could make it any better. Although I am sure there are some ways. There are a few things about this test site that I have not revealed yet and I need to do that in the next day or so. I will be putting up a brand new post about it here on my blog in few days.

  3. Thanks Hammy! I am glad that you stopped by and commented!

    I have used Drop My Link before but have actually forgotten about it. So I will go check it out again. If my memory servers me correctly it just is a fancy front end to some smart google searches but hey that is a few less steps in my book and that is what we are looking for!

    Thanks again!

  4. I did a directory submission and one months packet with Sick so far. Planned on doing AMR but have not gotten there yet. I did pickup a $5 gig for 70 high PR backlinks just yesterday on fiverr that came with a guarantee to move me up a few spots within 2 weeks or my money back. That is about all I did so far besides the one link coming in from the Warrior Forum. Not to shabby considering I am sitting on the last spot on page 1.

    • Put your mouse over the text “here is the thread” and you should see the link. I need to dig into the css style sheet of this theme because the links need to be a different color then the text. Thanks for reminding me to do that…

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