Playing with the Themes

Posted by admin

I am playing with the theme of this site. I want to make some major changes to this site in the new year. I am going to be announcing a very aggressive internet marketing goal for the first half of 2011 soon. I am busy working on my "all in scraper" program and this site falls second on the list after that.  I only had a few minutes this evening before going to bed  and I did not want to get into programming so I changed the theme here to see if I like it. I like the theme but I am not crazy about the colors. I will have to do a little digging and see what I can come up with.

I saved the sidebars from my old theme which contained my monthly income reports and will integrate that into this new theme somehow. I just wanted to mention it since you may notice that my income stats are gone. They will be back soon.

Anyone have any suggestions on a good them that is similar to this one?

I wish you all a great holiday season!


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