Rat Rods For Sale

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I was going through eBay pulse again today to find todays niche and decided to checkout eBay Motors. One of the top 10 keywords was Rat Rods. I had no idea what a Rat Rod was, but it struck me as a unique keyword. So I did some keyword research using GTrends and found that it had some potential.  Rat Rods For Sale was the outcome.

Most of my niche sites are for inexpensive items. I want to try and bring in some expensive items such as cars  and see what kind of results I get. I think some large ticket items would help bring up my EPC, which was floating around $11.00 in December 2008. So far in January my clicks have been up from December but my EPC has dropped. I have had this happen before and my EPC always comes around mid to end month. I hope the same happens this month. I don't like to have my EPC below $10.00 - this is just a level I set for myself... I actually am not sure what is considered normal in EPN standards.

Incoming Keyword Terms:

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