Second WSO Launched and Working On a Third!

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I have taken a real liking to the Warrior forum as of lately. The potential there to earn money and learn is unbelievable. You just have to be smart about it and use common sense.

I launched All In Scraper as my first WSO. A few days ago I launched WSO Price Calculator as my second WSO. This little tool helps WSO'ers to easily calculate incom potential using the popular dime-sale method. This is very popular in the WSO forum and is also used by WSOPro. WSOPro is what I use to manage my WSO's and think that it is great.

Now I am working on a third WSO and all along the process I am working on building a list of known WSO buyers. So I think that is is a good plan to try and turn some quick cash. I will keep you posted on my success.

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  1. Dude, totally loving the WSO Calculator! I love putting in the numbers and imagining the possibilities. I’ve already seen how I can make more money with the products that I have in mind for WSOs using the dime sale model.

    What I’d love to be able to do is to be able to sell items with a dime sale structure that included a free trial period. Customer buys the product for $.10 but isn’t billed for the amount until after the 7 day free trial, then the price goes up $.10 per sale for the next customer, but they still get the free trial period and are billed at the price they got in on.

    I’d just love to see the conversion rate on something like that, ya know? Seems like it’d be really cool!

    Thanks again!


    • Cool idea but I am not sure how you would implement it. WSO Calculator was created around the abilities of WSO Pro at and it would not support those options out of the box.

      No one says you have to use them though… and I guess you could set something up on your own using a one time paypal subscription… like the 7 day trial then a one time charge.

      • I have no idea either, to be honest.

        I know that Nanacast will also do dime sales as well, but I haven’t researched to see if they could do what I was asking. I need to look at them again to see if they can do it.

  2. By the way, I’d love to know how you setup the WSO Calculator WSO – what increments and after how many sales to make it increase…

    But I’m just curious like that is all! LOL!

    • To be honest WSO Calculator did not take off like I had hoped and I am actually still in the hole on it.

      My costs:

      WSO $40
      1 Bump $40
      WSO Pro $19.99
      Total $99.99

      Sales to date: $77.00

      I started it off at $2.00 and set the increment to 10 cents every 7 sales. I did this to have a lot of room to grow and bring in a bunch of low dollar sales. What I am finding from this particular test is that the price might have been too low based on the demand for the product. I was forced to stop bumping it as I was not making enough sales to cover the costs of the bump each time. Maybe as the price works up that will change but at this point I am only getting sales from search engine traffic to the WSO page and traffic coming through my warrior forum signature.

      Each time I put up a WSO I gain a little more knowledge on what works and what doesn’t. If you are serious about WSO’s I would say that you need to do many more then 1. You might go through several before you get the one that really takes off.

      From what I am seeing it looks like ebooks/video products sell much better then software programs. People are really looking for that instant push button overnight type riches and if you can provide them that you will do really well. Just make sure the product is high quality and actually works and provides value to the buyer.

      So if you want to succeed with WSO’s I would say take action and get as many products out as you can and see what happens and learn from your mistakes.

      • Wow. Thanks for the honesty!

        Yeah, you may have had low sales, but I’m sure that you’ve been building your list with WSPro, right?

        I got WSPro included with a WSO I bought a while back but I haven’t used it yet. Need to get it set up and run with it.

        • Yes it did add 75+ subscribers to my list up to this point. I don’t utilize the list as much as I should. Something I need to work on.

          WSPro does build a list of their own as well as give you the option to integrate with Aweber. So when you start a new WSO with WSOPro they automatically contact all previous WSO buyers for you that you launched a new WSO. This is nice but I think if you do the affiliate partner program with WSOPro they will snatch part of the commissions from their emails promoting your WSO’s. Like I said I think this is true but not 100% sure.

          So in the future I will contact my aweber list with my WSO launch before hand with a special offer and get them before WSOPro does. The emails going out promoting WSO’s work well and can drive nice traffic to a WSO launch.

          The more followers you get the bigger your launches and more sales you will get out of the box. So in my eyes every WSO you create could potentially do better then the previous due to that growth.

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